Online Muslim Business Directory That Help Your Business in Mckinney

December 12, 2020

If you've ever used Google or another search engine to find a local business, you may be informed that their name is often accompanied by their address, phone number, and other similar information. If you do the same search on a mobile device, businesses are usually ranked by their proximity to you. Most online directory sites work this way, but not all businesses take advantage of it, which can result in a huge loss of potential customers.

Benefits of Having Online Business Directory

Google found that more than 50 percent of people who conducted a local search from their smartphone, and 34 percent from computer or tablet, visit a store during the day. Aside from Google, there are countless other sites that allow online directory listing, including Bing, Yahoo!, Yelp, Facebook,  and Yellow Pages. And since most of these listings are free, your business should use, and benefit from, at least one listing. However, if you still wonder about the benefits of listing your business in an online Business Directory in Mckinney, consider the following benefits:

Help With The Natural Referencing of Your Site

You know, directories are still useful for creating high-quality backlinks. Quite simply because backlinks (link pointing to your site) always have a significant share in search algorithms. It would be unfortunate to forget how the first ranking algorithms were designed. To be in first position were mostly exclusively generated by links networks.

However, this algorithm "criterion" is now one of a multitude of other criteria used by algorithms to rank sites in search results. To find out about them, you just have to go to the official Google website in order to discover the basics of SEO. Our website Premium MSB directory respects Google's rules as much as possible and regularly updates its portal in order to comply with the standards. By registering on it, you can determine yourself:

  • The category best suited to your activity, allowing you to categorize your site in a theme.
  • The alias of your article in order to optimize the final URL of your page.
  • The title of the article which will correspond to the H1.
  • The structure of your article by prioritizing your content (H2, H3 ...)
  • The content of your article by defining the links yourself in it.
  • The ALT tag of your image in order to appear in image search engines.
  • The title tag and description of your article, so you define with which terms you want to appear in the search results.

Can Set Your Business Objectives

Membership of a professional network is part of a global communication strategy. Also, it is important to set goals before joining one. It is advisable to set a main objective and one or two secondary objectives when joining a professional network. We can list a few:

  • Find new customers or prospects.
  • Making advertise its products or services.
  • Increase your visibility - show yourself more.
  • Improve your notoriety - make yourself known to more people.
  • Control your status and your e-reputation.
  • Create your brand image.

Unlike mainstream web directory, Premium MSB dedicated to businesses. It is a network for professional consultants, traders, small businesses, service providers and more.

Can Find Customers Easily

Premium MSB lists the profiles of professionals and above all, makes the published profiles available to potential customers. The objective is to connect customers and provider. We are a professional network like no other. However, as in any Muslim Business Directory in Mckinney, it is essential to be an actor. For the company, this requires regular updating of their profile.

Improves Natural Referencing on Google

Also, an online directory is an undeniable asset to allow the parent site of your structure to improve its natural referencing on Google. For your information, your directory must use a subdomain of your main website. For example: name of the main site: and name of the directory: Finally, it is possible to go further and refine the search on the directory according to different criteria.

  • By field of activity such as business services, construction, health and IT, meat business and etc.
  • By profession such as commercial agent, dentist, coach, carpenter, doctor and etc.
  • By geographic area such as department, city, postal code.

Can Bring Real Opportunity

Today there are around tons of business provider in Mckinney and their number is increasing every year. For these companies, it is crucial to retain their members and, above all, to have new ones. For your business, creating an online directory can be a real opportunity:

  • First of all, you can use it as a staff recruiting platform. Thanks to the directory, your company can promote membership requests from new members by offering them a first online visibility thanks to a personalized file.
  • Then, setting up a web directory is interesting to have a platform bringing together all your members. As an association, federation or union, it is ideal for promoting exchanges, disseminating messages, sharing news, etc. This is an important point, especially for structures made up of regional or departmental branches. At a glance, a directory gives them quick and easy access to all members by geographic area. As an example by department or by city.

Can Promote Your Business Easily

One thing leading to another, an online directory will be an asset to promote your network of members, since each listing can be referenced on search engines. The member can then reap a real benefit: for him, being part of your online directory is a way to develop his visibility and to rank better on Google. Let's take a concrete example, if one of the members already has a website, registering in your web directory allows them to add a backlink to their own site. This is also can be called inbound link.

These inbound links are very important for your visibility on the internet, because they tell Google that your site is relevant and interesting. The more quality links there are to your member's site, the more relevance it will gain in the eyes of Google. Result? It will go up in search engines and the site will be ranked better.

Refine Your Brand Image

Branding, let's talk about it in more detail in this part. Any B2B (Business to business) company that has a network of customers and partners has every interest in offering solutions to help them promote their services or products. If you are from Muslim community and choose to create a professional Muslim Business Directory in Mckinney for your business, you will reap many benefits by:

  • Offering your customers an additional differentiating service and this service is ideal for building a relationship of trust with them and standing out from the competition.
  • Having more complete information on your new customers thanks to the data from the directory registration form such as type of business, contact details, opening hours, and etc. This information is valuable for creating and coordinating marketing actions. For example: targeted sales and / or communication by sending of newsletters.
  • Improving the image of your company with your customers and partners.
  • Rewarding your loyal customers by offering them this online visibility.
  • The customer can also find their account to positions themselves as an expert in the field of activity.

Best Practices for Submitting to Site Directories

Previously, we talked about Google's rules; you should know that there are rules for registering your company in directories for sites. These rules are intended to help you rank your website as well as possible while complying with those search engines. Therefore, this is mandatory to comply with it, resulting in validation and the assurance of not wasting time. Indeed, your primary goal should not stop at obtaining a link but rather to enrich your site.

Among the directory rules, we often find the same, which is normal since you follow Google's recommendations and concerns the following points:

Duplicate Content

Do not write content focusing too many of your targeted keywords. Therefore, this is necessary to correctly measure the presence of your main keyword and to use variants. For example, we can use keyword for suggestions at the bottom of the page of your search. You have the possibility of extending your keyword positioning to work internally on your site. Write consistent and readable content for your visitors; because, structured sentences with explicit content will properly inform your users. Always try to provide the correct information and references.


Take the time to read the directory rules, take the time to write a quality file referring to your site and also be patience for validation. It is necessary to take into account the rules of the directories which will guide you how to do it. Good practices are not all cited and you can undoubtedly add more, by writing directory sheets where the information on your site does not stop with only 5/6 sentences.

What Premium MSB Will Do for You?

A professional online Muslim Business Directory in Mckinney like that of Premium MSB will help you to make the first selection by listing serious, professional and trustworthy companies. By clicking on the List With Us of your choice, you will access practical and helpful information to help you make a final choice:

  • Address with an access map
  • Contact: phone number & possibility to send message
  • Customer reviews
  • Layout of a presentation and description
  • Company photos
  • Prices
  • The owner of the directory can modify the information at any time, in order to update the data.

If you want to set up a professional directory for your company, we recommend that you carry out a complete overhaul of your website at the same time. You will get better results and save a lot of time on optimizing your online visibility. In addition, this will allow your service provider to work simultaneously on both media and thus accelerate the referencing on Google of your professional website and your directory.

Final Words

Creating a professional directory with us means making sure you have a powerful tool for all the members of your organization or association or business. Do you want to create your professional directory and develop your visibility? Therefore, pay particular attention to the support that we will give you in its design, but also in its day-to-day maintenance.

Do not hesitate to be accompanied by an expert, who will guide you on creating a Muslim Business Directory in Mckinney with a maintenance service without obligation.